I appreciate having another sound voice to help me with some difficult situations.

            - a son living in California


​We feel confident that Sue​ will communicate the family's best interests.  As a healthcare professional, she brings an expertise to your conversation that will probably be much more helpful than any contribution I could make.

As for all other advice - thank you!  I completely rely on you for making excellent suggestions regarding Mom's care -

Again, thank you!

     -a daughter living in Pennsylvania

Once again, we thank you for all of the hours you spent in visits, notes, meetings and calls for us.  The peace of mind you helped provide for us was a huge support in our efforts to assure Mom and Dad were getting the best possible care.

   - a​​ daughter living in Florida

Thank you for all of your help since we started working together.  Not only did you help my mom but you helped me:  you were a steady and kind source of strength and common sense over the phone during this difficult and confusing year.  It was so hard to know how to help mom - I really appreciate all of your brainstorming and advice.  The fact that you could go over to the house and be my eyes and ears and even hands was truly amazing.  

​- a daughter living in New York